Monday, 8 January 2018

Nutrition Chat | Fuel Your Body!

Not seeing results? Whether you want to get leaner, loose fat, gain muscle, get stronger, run faster!  This could be all down to how you're feeding your body! 

Too many of us we under estimate just how important it is to fuel your body correctly, especially when it comes to exercising. By under eating or not giving your body enough good quality nutrients then you could be jeopardising your results massively. But what is right? I mean the whole world of what we should and shouldn't do can get so so overwhelming. With fad diets here there and everywhere, supplements, fasting, detoxes etc. It can get confusing as where to even begin. 

Go back to basics. Listen to your body.This doesn't mean having to cut calories or count them but try starting to look at the quality of foods you're eating. Begin to focus on nutrients rather than calories. Are you consuming a lot of packaged foods crammed with crazy ingredients and chemicals? Ones which could truly effect your body, performance, hormones and progress. What about having a efficient amount of nutrients to ensure your body can function and grow? I feel 100% better and my body works better when I know I'm consuming whole and fresh foods! It doesn't mean you have to start cutting out pizza or ice cream or any of your favourite foods! Try and get creative, say you love brownies, why not try Deliciously Ella's Sweet potato brownies? Or if you love to get take out pizza why not try making your own with fresh, wholesome ingredients?! Try making your own pasta sauce from scratch with veggies, chopped tomatoes and herbs and spices. 

Under eating isn't also a 'quick fix' for weight loss. It may initially lead to fat loss however in the long run will effect everything from energy levels to hormones! Food is fuel and like the typical car analogy, without petrol in the tank, it ain't going to run anywhere. Filling our bodies with plenty of fruit, veggies, good quality protein, whole grains, legumes, beans and healthy fats! Not cutting out anything but enjoying it and eating what makes you feel good physically and mentally. It'll help increase your stamina, boost your performance, enhance recovery and give you heap more energy! Plus if you're looking to build muscle you must eat to grow and be able to push yourself to your hardest during training. 

Don't cut carbs! Carbohydrates are a huge importance in providing the body with energy, especially when it comes to training. They're the bodies first resort for energy for the brain and working muscles, during any activity muscles use the glucose from carbohydrates for fuel. Try to choose unrefined carbohydrates which are full of their nutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals. Examples of these are fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains such as oats, brown rice and quinoa.  

Also making sure you're getting a efficient amount of fats in the right forms and proportions can lead to sufficient benefits. They're known to help strengthen your immune system, enhance brain function, improve mood, intelligence and behaviour. They can also help energy and performance along with improving healthy hair, skin and nails! Fat also helps with the absorption of vitamins and encouraging optimal hormone function. So try not to be following the whole 'low diet' phase and belief, usually products you find claiming to be 'low fat' have actually had their fat replaced with sugar and other crazy chemicals. 

And of course protein, which is essential for building and maintaining muscle and new cells while also allowing you to perform your bodily functions! Protein is the building block for the muscles growth and repair. This includes high quality proteins such as lean meats, fish, chicken, tofu, eggs, legumes and pulses! 

So you must fuel and eat properly to see results! With no starvation or diets, try to choose the best quality, nutrient dense foods that you enjoy. Make sure you're choosing things that you can stick to with sustainability! You'll be able to push hard, perform to your best and achieve your goals!