Monday, 15 January 2018

Vegan Inspo | Fave Recipe Books!

Evening Chickpeas! Half way through January and I'm so happy to see so many people giving Veganuary a go! I hope anyone taking part is enjoying it and finding some new, exciting recipes and foods. If you read my tips for going Vegan post at the start of the month, you'll know one of my tips was recipe books!

Recipe books are the key to getting excited and inspiration in the kitchen. They help plant ideas and give you chance to experiment with various foods, dishes, and ingredients! As much as I love the endless amount of food blogs and resources online, there is nothing quite like a actual book in front of you.

I've collected so many over the past few years, so I thought it would be a great idea to share with you my top 5!!! As hard as it was to choose!


Everyone is aware by now that Deliciously Ella is my biggest inspiration when it comes to healthy and plant based foods. She has 3 amazing recipe books out now, along with a smoothie recipe book! All 3 have a huge variety of Vegan recipes however my favourite is her second book 'Deliciously Ella Every Day' which focuses on the fact healthy eating isn't following a diet but nourishing your body with whole, natural foods. All of the recipes are really easy and quick from on-the-go lunches to batch making dishes! She proves just how you can make healthy living part of your life and love every second of it! My favourite recipes are the Quinoa and Ginger Porridge & the Chickpea, Quinoa and Turmeric Curry!


Along with Deliciously Ella the recipe book Naturally Sassy created by Saskia Gregson-Williams was one of the first recipe books that got me more into Vegan and plant based eating. In this book she strips food back to basics focusing on making plant based foods less threatening. It's packed with over 100 delicious, easy recipes for every day! All the ingredients are affordable and easy to find, making it super easy to whip up these yummy dishes! My favourite recipes are the sticky almond butter flapjacks and banana pancakes with a blueberry syrup.


If you've not heard to The Happy Pear then you are missing out! Two Irish Vegan twins who began with a small veg shop which led to a cafe, farm, product range and then books! They also offer online and classroom courses, write a blog and run a YouTube channel also packed with recipes! They now actually have 2 books with a 3rd on the way! But I love their original book..'The Happy Pear' which is packed with loads of recipes with their aim of making it easier for you to eat more veg! Packed with everything from nourishing breakfasts, warming soups, nourishing salads, hearty mains and sweet desserts. It's great for anyone wanting to start making healthy, wholesome food when not knowing where to start! I absolutely love the broccoli, sweet potato and ginger soup, Indian veg korma and the happy pear fig rolls!


This one is the recipe book of all vegan recipe books!!! They're all about Vegan food without the bullsh*t. It's jam packed with recipes and techniques and tips to help you on a journey to eating like 'you give a f*ck'. I feel like this book is for anyone who wants some of their traditional favourite turned into exciting, healthy, vegan dishes. From  vegan french toast to spiced chickpea wraps to roasted beer and line cauliflower tacos to chocolate fudge pops! This book has you covered!


This recipe again is brilliant for anyone setting off of their journey on Veganism! Packed with great recipes and so many tips and tricks making the whole transition to Veganism a less daunting thing. All of the recipes in this book are familiar foods and products  making it a lot easier along with actually vegan living and dealing with everyone's endless questions... you know the drill. It's basically the perfect Vegan handbook!


Niomi Smart blogger and YouTuber transitioned to more plant based food which really sparked off her love for cooking. I was more than excited when she finally realised her cookbook 'Eat Smart' which she has packed with nourishing, homemade, well loved meals which improve your energy, mood, skin and health! Again all her recipes are easy and packed with wholesome, well known ingredients. From chocolate and raspberry pancakes to vegan 'cheese' pasta bakes to vegan jammy dodgers! You'll find something your tastebuds will thank you for!


I feel like this one is more for the people who want to get a little bit adventurous with their cooking! Sam's book aims to show people how you can cut out meat and dairy, staying healthy but still eating all your favourite things. One thing I do love about this book is her pictures! The pictures of all her food look absolutely AMAZING which only makes you want to go and make them yourself. It's got everything from vegan lasagna, vegan pizza's, vegan burgers, vegan chocolate cakes, vegan brownies, vegan cheesecake, a vegan snickers smoothie... and oh the list goes on!

I hope these have given you some more ideas and love these recipe books and amazing people just as much as me!!! Let me know how Veganuary is going for you and what are some of your favourite recipe books?