Monday, 5 February 2018

'I'll Be Happy When...'

I hear this a lot. 'I'll be happy when...' 

'I'll be happy when I loose 10lbs'
'I'll be happy when I meet the one'
'I'll be happy when I get the promotion' 
'I'll be happy when I get that boob job'

We are chasing these things, these ideas, these goals which we believe will suddenly make us happy. We view happiness as a destination which we will then reach. Truth is? We will never reach this destination because when we do, we are still not happy because there is always going to be something else that would make us 'happier'. We find ourselves forever chasing and never reaching.

We focus so much on the place we would rather be than taking in and appreciating where we actually are.  Happiness isn't a destination, but actually a choice. We choose happiness and it's something we can choose in any moment. You can choose happiness now.

The thing is it's great to want to be better and better yourself however that shouldn't mean that you knock yourself down for where you are at now. Appreciate what you achieve now.  Every day we make achievements, no matter how big or small.

We all have our own things that bring us a feeling and sense of joy, and we can deserve them. We don't have to put our lives on some sort of hold because we haven't met 'the one' or have the 'dream' body we've somewhat created in our minds. You can choose to live now, you can choose to be happy now.

I found as soon as I stopped thinking of the time I can or will be happy and started focusing on this living moment, not wanting or needing more, I found more happiness that I ever have. So what can we start doing now?

Gratitude I feel plays a part in finding what bring us happiness in this given moment. Start each day writing down just 2 or 3 things you are grateful for. Even if it's just the fact you are breathing today. Starting each day with this positive intention, leads us on to a grateful outlook and happier mindset. Focus on what you have, not what you haven't.

Find good in every day. At the end of each day root out things which have gone well, no matter how big or small. Start listing 3 things that went well, even as small as making a good cup of tea! Then work up to 5 and then even 10!

Appreciate yourself. Allow mistakes, you're only human and allowed to make a mistake from time to time. You just have to grow and learn from them rather then allowing them to bring you down! Keep reminding yourself how you can grow each day and you have amazing qualities. Try listing and telling yourself these, again start with 3-5 and work your way up!

Find love within yourself. Let go on all the goals of happiness and it'll come to you.