Friday, 13 July 2018


Soon you will have noticed that I've changed the content on my blog ever so slightly.

I feel like I'm ready for a shift not just my life but my online life to. In my head I have so much to chat about which I'm keeping to myself. I think as a blogger with a certain category, audience and style you can become caught up in the world of expectation. I remember when I first began blogging, I promised myself I'd always stay true to myself, I think it's the most important thing in any industry.

I'm not the biggest blogger in the world and honestly probably never will be, for me this isn't a full time career but something that part time I find pleasure and joy in. It keeps up my love for writing. I've been through many different stages, all which have been true to me at the time. When I studied English I started as a lifestyle blogger, pretty much expressing my love for writing, mainly poetry. I then found my niche in Fitness and became mainly a fitness blogger, posting workouts and fitness related articles. I discovered my love for recipe creating and working with various health brands, my blog situated around recipe creating (which I still do love) and when I had the time off from college, that is all I did! I then went through posting more mental health and wellbeing, as I wanted to share my Eating Disorder recovery and battling IBS. Then we're brought to today and at the moment, I can't fully tell you where I am at, I just know I want to keep writing. Since I am going to uni to do a subject I really find interest in and my life is going to change, I feel like my blog is going to change with it. I want to start talking about real god damn life, thoughts and experiences.

I'm not a picture perfect person. I don't eat perfect meals all the time. I don't make every god damn workout. I swear like there is no tomorrow and have a funny northern accent. I don't have my life figured out. I've been through heart break. I've had rocky friendships. I didn't breeze through college. Like us all and probably you reading this, we ain't perfect... and I love it.

In reality I want my blog to reflect that. I want to talk about the grubby bits of life, the bits that no one really talks to deeply about. Good bits and the bad. My silly opinionated mind. Relationships. Friendships. Sex. Bodies. Food. Body confidence. Fitness. Self love. Good days and bad. Life experiences. I just want to cram it all into the way I know I express myself. My words.

I just want to bombard you with a sort of guide to survive life, does that make any sense? I hope so. If not just stick along and see, if ya like it fab, lets be friends! If not? Ah, just lump it.

We only want posi vibes here!

Speak soon,

Holli Jess