Wednesday, 4 July 2018


For a long time fear has controlled me. It has stopped me going after what I really want and I guess it is only recently I've realised this. 

I can honestly say over the past two weeks I feel like I've been on a hell of a roller coaster. I've been up, down, left, right, round and round and round!!! And with the decision I've made, that isn't going to be ending anytime soon... So what exactly has been happening? 

Okay, so after two years out of education, I've decided to change my path a lil... and as I'm sure you can see by the title, I finally want to go to university! Yep, I'm going to go jump right in and get myself a degree!!!

I have to say this has been probably the craziest decisions I have made, I am changing everything I do. Even though deep down I have always wanted to go to uni, the time has just never been right. When I left college 2 years ago, I was nowhere physically or mentally well enough to ever achieve or handle degree. In fact I was the one person who was 100% certain that I was never going to go the uni which is funny because now I'm 100% certain I want to go. 

I have always wanted to do well in life. That's not me saying you have to go to uni to be successful  but personally it's something I have always wanted to achieve. So, I thought I'm 21, fit, healthy and well, what have a got to lose? I have always had interest in sport injury and have developed the dream of becoming a sport therapist working with professional athletes.

I guess one of my biggest fears in deciding going to uni was worrying about what other people thought... I know, stupid! I always tell people to not care what others think, I mean it is your own life at the end of the day and you are entitled to make your own decisions. But for some reason, I've been incredibly anxious, wondering what my mum, my family, everyone I work with would think. I think it just came from the fact I've changed my mind a lot in the past but now what I have realised, is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The thing is, your life is a long time to be spending it doing something that doesn't spark a fire in you. That might mean you love something and then fall out of love with it, you just have to keep searching and that is okay. Then when you know you want something and you have the chance to go for it... despite the fear, you truly have to go for it.

Deciding to go to uni and changing my whole path in life is honestly the scariest thing but I know how badly I want it now. I have such a passion and clear decision for what I want to do in life and I honestly don't regret anything I have ever done because it has truly led me up to this moment.
I want to let you know that it doesn't matter who you are, where you are in life or how old you may be if you have a chance to go after something you want, please do. I'm so glad I didn't jump into uni when everyone expected me to because now I know I truly have the chance.

Sometimes you have to take find a little big of bravery and take a leap because something truly amazing could come of it.