Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Changing your mind isn't failure.

I feel like this is going to be a passionate blog post, then again when am I not being preachy and opinionated? I am passionate about this subject because it is coming from the way I have felt for bloody years. In a way I guess I am writing this to you but also as a way to write it to myself.

Let's be honest, no one want to fail in life. It is a horrible feeling thinking you have not achieved something and let yourself down. I'll admit over the years after changing my mind with a LOT, it has increased my feeling of failure which sucks. Yet when I stop and think about it changing your mind is more of a positive aspect to your self growth.

Bravery is really something which comes with the decision of change, knowing you have the power and confidence to change something in your life. By changing your direction in life, your career, your relationships, your fitness routine, whatever it may be, actually shows that you are in tune with what makes you happy and what doesn't. Usually we want to change these things because we are unhappy or unsatisfied, right? I see it a good thing to actually notice that.

For years I thought I was the only person continuously changing my mind, especially when it came to my career and education. I felt like such a failure because I believed that everyone around me had everything figured out and making their parents proud. Only recently I have realised I'm not the only one. I have a lot of my friends and family around me who have been through, going through or felt the same. Do I see them as a failure? Nope. I continuously tell them how things will work out and they have to follow their hearts into what feels right.

Change does not equal failure. It brings opportunity and growth. We think that to reach success you have to be successful. True success comes from knowing what you want and breaking the rules of expectation slightly. Don't look so much at the end goal 24/7 but break it down into smaller goals. This could be in fitness, for example you may want to be able to run a marathon next year but if you continue to focus on how far away you are from that, you fail to notice that you've gone from running 1 mile to 5 miles easily. It may be with your career, you have the end in your mind but first you have to go through qualifications, courses and degrees to ever get there, rather than focusing on experience and each achievement along the way. It may even be in a relationship, wanting to get married but bringing it all down after one argument and forgetting all the positives to your relationship. You get my point.

I love the idea and affirmation that 'success is a matter of perception'. We all have different views on what success should actually be and what it means to succeed in our lives. We all have successes in different ways, some peoples will be bigger than others. For some it may be that they even got out of bed in the morning and others it has to be climbing mount Everest.

So when you think you are failing due to changing your mind with something, I think it is important to remember that only you have created this idea in your head. Everything life throws at you has some sort of lesson to teach you and sometimes that lesson might be to simply change. Change direction, figure out what's right for you. Like I said - that's true bravery.