Sunday, 7 October 2018

What's Going On?!

Crickey! It's been while since I've written a blog post. In fact it has been over 2 months which I actually think is the longest I have ever not written in 6 years. Whatttttt?! I never thought I would miss it as much as I have but I guess writing has always been such a big part of my life that I have took it for granted. Having this moment now to just sit and write properly with my thoughts for the first time in months is a warming feeling to say the least.

OKAY, lets get to the point. I am sure there are lots of questions flying around wondering where the hell I have been! What's happening with my blog, what am I doing in terms of fitness, am I still even vegan? What I am doing at uni, am I enjoying it? And so on. I thought the best way to kick right back into Happily Holli was to just tell you what on earth is going on.

Lets start with moving to Leeds which really has been the main reason my blog and writing has come to a humongous halt. YES, I have started uni and moved down the Leeds at the end of September. So far? I am loving it! There have been so many points through the past 6 years where I have been constantly wondering 'is this really for me?' and for the first time I know this was the right decision.

In terms of Leeds as a city, I really do enjoy living here, it is one of my favourite cities and already feels like home.  Secondly. I have most certainly got freshers flu. Yes man, that shit exists or simply the fact my body is not used to more gin and vodka than veggies 5 out of 7 days a week... I mean don't get me wrong freshers was something else but now my body feels like it is slowly dying and needs to be injected with vegetables and health.

In terms of actual uni, I'm at Leeds Beckett studying Sport and Exercise Therapy (for anyone interested.) Despite it being one of the most complex courses, I honestly could not be happier being given this opportunity. Sport therapy is something I have been interested in for years but never really spoken about over social media or my blog. For a long time I was debating a simple sports massage course to go along side my personal training, blog and brand but deep down I always wanted more. You see, I have always been a big achiever and inside wanted to strive for bigger things. I love to learn and I don't think there will ever come a day where there isn't something else I want to be learning. One thing I knew is I really did want to achieve getting  degree, I wanted to learn deep at higher levels, so this was my chance. The one point in my life where I am actually physically and mentally able, meaning I had to jump at it. People keep asking me is it weird being like 3 years behind everyone else and my friends are already near enough graduating... in all honesty it's really not! Like when I was 18, I could never have come to university and it would've quite frankly been a complete waste of time. Whereas now I am ready and I know exactly what it is I want to do. I am so glad I waited.

Remember the hare never won the race.

Now because of the whole craziness of the past two months, moving in, freshers and starting my course... It is safe to say that fitness has kinda gone out the window. It's not been priority and yanno what? That is perfectly fine. Back home I pretty much had a routine style of life and as a lil Sagittarius it doesn't really fit. I mean I do miss routine but I also love something different to happen every day, a common ground between the two, if you get me! It has actually been a breath of fresh air having a little bit of time off of intense training. I've lifted weights probably 5 times in the past 3 weeks, had a few yoga sessions and have been doing way more steps than usual but honestly that has been more than enough. I think when you perform and look a certain way it can be so hard to break your usual cycle. I was so scared to stop lifting weights 5/6 days a week, to the point I wasn't even enjoying my workouts. Where as now after having a few weeks off and drinking more gin than I can count on my fingers and toes, losing a lil bit of muscle and strength, I am most certainly ready to train again whether it been lifting weights, sprinting or yoga (all of which I love) I am craving it!

Which brings me onto food! 1. Yes I am still Vegan and always will be. Another reason I have loved moving to Leeds, as there are so many Vegan food options, aka the dream. 2. Funnily enough since moving to Leeds I have become so much more relaxed with food. I mean I pretty much still eat the same but because I have 0 time to think about it, I have reduce how much I obsess about it. I think I admitted before I came, I was falling slightly into old ways. Obsessing with macros, weighing myself and food, eating certain things at certain times regarding training etc. Quite frankly, it made me miserable. Yet for the past two months I have not done any of that once and I feel like my brain has been washed. I have been eating more carbohydrates than I ever have which my body loves me for and I haven't been obsessing over protein or stupid things like that. I have simply been listening to my body, eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I also have bread every day, I mean why I ever cut bread out is beyond me, yeah I have missed you fella.

Lastly... My blog! Happily Holli. Is she still alive? Is she still going? Of course! Not going to lie but my blog is practically my baby and writing is something I shall never give up. One thing uni has taught me so far is that you are allowed to have more than one bloody interest. For years I believed because people knew me for fitness, I couldn't talk about or express all the other things I enjoyed. Like the fact I adore writing and still want to write a book, I love to paint, I love science museums, anatomy excites me, astrology, crystals and spirituality are my jam, I have read since I was 2, music brings me alive and I love gin more than you would ever realise. Fitness is only a quarter of my life compared to all the things I have found love in over the years. I think meeting people with so many different interests has brought that out of me again. Which is why I am here now, writing this post because writing will always be my second home. It will always be something I find true comfort in. It is also why I will be most certainly bringing back many blog posts covering all kinds of topics life, health, food and obviously fitness! I'm gonna show you how to get a degree and build a booty of course, haha. I am debating a name change... (I know everyone will scream no!) but I kind of feel like Happily Holli doesn't fit my vibe any more, let me know what you think.

So, I think that has pretty much summed my life up and where I am currently at. It's good to be home.

Holli Jess