Saturday, 26 January 2019

Jumping back into fitness!

Lets be honest getting back into fitness and the gym after some time off is never easy. Whether it be coming back after illness/injury or you've had a break from training completely. Even as lover of fitness and a gym goer, even I have lost motivation over the past 3/4 months.

It can be a little disheartening when you've noticed you're not as strong or fit as you used to be and you've seen a significant change in your body. It's so hard to not get frustrated at yourself right? Sadly these things happen because it's part of life.

As I myself begin to get back into fitness, training and eating better, I wanted to share with you some of my top tips to get back into the swing of things without hating yourself or not knowing where to start!

PLAN. I am a massive planner and I know if I have a list or a plan that I am more likely going to stick to something and get it done. Slot and plan in your workouts as if you would a meeting, date, event or a lecture. If it's in the diary then nothing else can come in the way of it. Also go in with a plan of what you are going to do, do not just half heartedly 'wing it', write down your exercises, sets and reps. This means you can walk into the gym focused and get it done.

PATIENCE. This I feel is a big key to success. Sadly you are not going to see crazy changes in a week and go back to what you once were. You need to accept where you are now and put in the hard work. As time goes on, you'll slowly begin to see and feel changes in your performance or body, which is then going to adhere you to continue.

START SLOW. You know you are not as fit, can run as far or lift as much as you used to be able to. SO don't go walking in the gym and picking up the heaviest weights you can lift or attempting to do the worlds hardest HIIT session when you know your body simply ca not take it. You'll only be disappointed and more than likely want to give up. Start light and easier than you are used to which gives you chance to build up slowly. This is going to benefit your body and performance in the long run.

OUT THE GYM. Start trying to get more active outside of the gym. Whether this means adding more steps each day or if you're short on time and can't get to the time try a home workout! Also try adding some 5 minute stretching when you wake up, it instantly gets your body moving and sets the mood for the day.

DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF. Rather than focusing on what you can no longer do, focus on what you CAN do. So, even though I cannot deadlift 100KG anymore, I'm still incredibly flexible and can still stand on my head, haha. Focus on the little successes along the way. I've trained 3 times each week for 2 consistent weeks, which is more than I was doing. I.E. Success!

NUTRITION. A bit factor for anyone training or wanting to see changes. Nutrition and training come as a pair, both I believe equally as important as one another. What you put in your body is what comes out. So if you are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, eating a lot of take out, irregular meals or not giving your body the right amount of nutrients it needs... Then your training is going to suffer. It's not about being really strict, it's about finding a balance. Start by getting 3 well balanced meals a day, plenty of water, plenty of veggies but know you can have a glass of wine and some chocolate on a Tuesday night if you want it.

I hope some of these tips gave you some help and motivation to get back into fitness or even if you are just getting into it! Give it time and you'll begin to see results and then there is no stopping you! I'm going to be sharing a lot more with you about my current fitnes journey and the changes and goals I make. I'd love it if you shared your journey with me too...

Speak soon,

Holli Jessi x