Monday, 25 February 2019

Date yourself.

Whenever I tell people it's okay to date yourself, they look at me like I am slightly looney in the head, haha. Why not date yourself? I say treat yourself in the way you want to be treated, right?

No matter how much you love being around someone, we all need some good quality time out with ourselves. I remember the days where I used to be too reliant on other people for my love and happiness. I used to have to be around someone to even feel like I was worthy which in my own words is quite frankly bullshit.

When I started to take time out for myself, even just a day or an afternoon made such a difference to my mindset and life. Choosing to do things simply for you and your wellbeing, no one else, does wonders to how you think and act towards yourself. You begin to realise you are worthy and that once you start doing things on your own from time to time really sparks self confidence and independence.

As I am back on my #SELFLOVEFIRST journey I wanted to give with you some ways you can go ahead and date yourself!

LUNCH DATES. I completely love taking myself out for lunch or coffee dates, as much as I love going out with other people, having the power to just go and spend time with yourself is quite liberating. Pop out to your favourite café or coffee shop or even go all out with your favourite restaurant.

MASSAGES. Taking yourself off for a massage the ultimate self care/relaxing thing. Put some money aside and maybe once a month, give yourself an hours time to completely switch off from work, study, relationships, life etc. Fully focus on you!

SHOPPING. I love shopping on my own, even if I don't spend anything (very unlikely, haha). Go for a wander around the shops, whether it be clothes, home wear, shoes, game shops. Go out and treat yourself!

MOVIES. If there is a film you really want to see, head there on your own for a cheeky cinema date! What's the harm? Grab a big box of popcorn, take a seat and enjoy.

GIGS. Gigs on your own can be exciting! Especially if it's a band/artist you really love. Being around other likeminded fans with live music that makes you feel alive, who knows you might even meet some new people?

FAVOURITE HOBBY. Do something you love to do! Your favourite hobby whether it be running, painting, football, museums, writing, reading, baking... You name it! Whatever it is you like to do, take time out to fully enjoy and engage in it. We spend so much time rushing around with our busy lives, jobs, families etc. That sometimes we do push the things we love to do to the side.

The thought of actually taking time out to do things with ourselves and give each ourselves that love and time can be scary but once you start there will be no going back! It will not only make a difference on yourself and your own life but those whom you attract and those around you.

My challenge to you this week is to go ahead and take yourself on a date whether you use one of the examples I have given or you have something completely different you'd like to do! Make sure you share with me.

Speak soon,

Holli Jessi x