Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Vegan on a budget

The amount of times I have had the question or comment about veganism being expensive is rather a lot. I feel like sometimes it's a main reason why some people refuse to branch into veganism due to thinking all the crazy vegan products and snacks which are ridiculous prices are going to break their bank in the first week.

Especially now being back a student I wanted to prove to anyone that veganism on a budget is completely possible! This may be for any Vegan students or someone who wants to spend less and save money on food! (or if you are just nosey and what to know what food I usually buy)

Some of these bits I don't buy every single week but I get relatively cheap and they last me 3/4 weeks!


Complete staples in my diet and so cheap! I usually go to Aldi or Morrisons where you can get kidney beans and chickpeas for as cheap as 30p a tin. They provide a great amount of protein, essential vitamins and minerals and are great to bulk up any meal. I like to use them in salads, mixed bowls, stir fries, stews, curries or chilli's. Try my Easy 3 Bean Chilli  or Creamy Vegan Korma for some ideas! 


Again another staple and another cheapy! Tinned tomatoes are so useful to have and you can use them for lots of different things. Along with beans and legumes I used chopped tomatoes for the bases of my stews, chilli's and curries. I love to use them as the base of pasta sauces by added some tomato puree, herbs and spices and any extra veggies. 


Once stocked up on plenty of herbs and spices they completely flavour and change meals. I usually opt for Aldi or Morrisons own which are around 60-80p. I love to get garlic salt, paprika, turmeric, cumin, mixed herbs which are very basic but can change the flavours and cuisines of your dishes. Especially garlic salt... Garlic salt mushrooms are the dream. 


For some bizarre reason I know a lot of people have come to the conclusion that vegetables are expensive, I beg to differ, especially if you go to a market! The other day in Leeds market I got 3 huge courgettes, 3 avocados, lots of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, 3 peppers, 5 carrots, baby corn, mangetout, 2 apples and 2 peaches all for £8!!! So I would suggest getting yourself to a market if you can! If not I always go to Morrisons or Aldi which I have found to be the cheapest - my top tip is don't buy anything you are not going to use, even if you have to roughly plan your meals for the week. If you don't need 4 peppers, don't buy 4 peppers!


While at uni I don't really buy fresh fruit anymore I opt for frozen fruit which is much cheaper, you get more and lasts longer. You can use frozen fruit in smoothies, smoothie bowls, yogurt or I love stirring in my oats!


Absolute staple - a loaf of bread lasts me a week, costs less than £1 and I can use it in so many quick and convenient ways. I use it for toast with peanut butter and banana or love mushrooms on toast, dip it in soups for lunches or make tofu and hummus sandwiches (THE BEST)


Always buy your pasta and rice in bulk! It will save you money in the long run. I make big batches of cooked rice and pasta at the start of the week then I can simply add them to all kinds of dishes such as soups, stews, chilli's, curries, pre made pasta sauces, salads, burritos etc.


I practically eat oats most days. They are so cheap to buy in in big bulks which is a bonus. I think I pay 60p for a big bag in Morrisons which lasts me around 2-3 weeks (taking in account I eat a lot!!!) I usually use them for my standard oats with a scoop of choc protein and lots of nut butter (also brilliant for hangovers!) However you can use them for a flour in in baking, make some insane flapjacks with them or throw into smoothies to bulk them up!


Some may say a bit of the pricey side however one I cannot live without. I have recently found that Morrisons do peanut butter completely made with just peanuts and no other added nasties for only £1.75 which is a complete bargain and honestly one of the best tasting peanut butter I have had, no lie!!! So if you are gonna grab some peanut butter get ya ass down to Morrisons.


Ketchup to be precise is a must in ya cupboard. I use ketchup soooo much and again you can get cheap. I love adding it to burrito bowls, stir fries, pasta, tofu and sweet potato, the list goes on! 


As a vegan you need your milk and again I am here to tell you that Morrisons come to the rescue. I usually buy Almond milk and if you get Morrisons won it's only £1!!! I use my almond milk in my coffees, smoothies, oats etc.


I like to have a few easy grab snacks in my cupboard! Things I tend to buy are rice cakes with peanut butter, Nakd bars, Oreos, Popchips or I like grabbing a few snacks from Aldi such as their vegan protein bars, lentil Crips or fruit and nut mixes which are all relatively cheap!  

I hope this has given you a insight on how to eat a healthy, vegan diet without splashing out the cash! You don't to have all these crazy supplements to get a good amount of nutrition, just eat real food! 

Speak soon, 

Holli Jessi x